Our Vision: Leading people to become followers of Jesus Christ.


Our Mission: To help people Know God – Find Freedom – Discover their Purpose and Make a Difference


Jesus is the center of everything we do

As we like to say it: “Our life is better when Jesus is at the center”

Unchurched People

We strive to create a church with the unchurched in mind. We will do whatever it takes to reach people and connect them to Jesus.

We are contributors, not consumers

It’s not about me, it’s about we.

We don’t maintain, we multiply

We think BIG and are consumed with seeing a movement of God.


We will always look for ways to serve our local community.

Having Fun

Life should be enjoyed, we believe that the church should be too. We will always challenge ourselves to think outside the box and do church in a way that engages and brings life to people.

We’re about the Numbers

… The number of people making a decision toward Christ

Building Leaders

By raising up leaders we will teach, train, and equip the local church. We believe in developing Disciples who make Disciples.

Small Groups

Life Change happens in the context of authentic community. Small Groups help us grow together and become followers of Jesus. We love seeing people connect with others and discover God together.

Less is more

By focusing on the things that have the highest spiritual return we can accomplish more. Weekend Services – Kid’s Ministry – Small Groups – Community Service


We honor God when we give our time, talents and treasure for His purpose.

Change is constant

We will always challenge, evaluate and if necessary change what is so we can go further and reach more people.



Follower of Jesus. Husband. Dad. Pastor. Musician. Creative.

Pastor Aaron has been married to the same woman (Jaclyn) for 16 years. He is a Dad to 5 children; Zach, Carter, Jackson, Taylor, and Marshall.

He is a graduate of Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, OK (2002) and  has been in ministry for 17 years serving as Youth Pastor, Executive Pastor and now Lead Pastor.